For Success

Our mission is to assist democratic governments and businesses in navigating complicated environments and effectively communicate their messages by combining decades of political experience with data-driven research.


Advising from Experience

CCN is an independent political and media consultancy based in Bangladesh.

We provide in-depth and robust opinion surveys and strategic advice to political leaders, public interest organizations, and government agencies.

Our goal is to provide political risk assessment and strategic media advice for key decision-makers to help shape the policy environment that our clients operate in.

CCN takes pride in employing and maintaining a skilled set of professionals from multiple disciplines.

Its Board of Directors and chief personnel consist of political consultants, media consultants, pollsters, campaign managers, corporate public affairs officers, professors, fund-raisers, and lobbyists.


Researching to bring positive change

CCN firmly believes that development in any sphere is possible only through timely stock-taking and necessary policy interventions.

For any research to be useful and having impact in this process, it must be designed and carried out in a result-oriented manner and must help the process of decision making.

Therefore, CCN has a bias for purposeful and action research.


Engineering A Media Presence for the New World

CCN strives to master the navigation of the complex and uncharted world of Digital technologies in New Media.  

Modern interfacing through computers and the Internet have hugely impacted the concept of Mass Communication. The changing paradigms necessitate the advent of dynamic media solutions for complex and novel challenges.

CCN’s experience and logistics in both new and old media sets us up to be the ideal media partner for any entity looking to spread its message to the right audience.

Election Consultancy

When actively participating in the policymaking process, organisations must be fully prepared and have a concrete plan to achieve their business objectives. We offer our clients robust data analysis in order to develop the most appropriate approach to engage with the relevant policy issues on their agenda.

Political Intelligence

Political developments and policy changes create both risks and opportunities for an organisation. We ensure our clients are kept up to speed and can plan effectively, whilst providing analyses and recommendations on key developments.

Media Consultancy

The traditional media industry is struggling to redefine its place in the world. Successful media companies have already transformed to support new value chains. Here at CCN, we provide media and entertainment businesses solutions to outmaneuver uncertainty.