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Our Services

Some Text About Our Services

    CCN provides consultancy services to government and non-government organizations in policy and program formulation relating to media, communication, journalism and public relations.

CCN undertakes programs of information, education, motivation on communication aspects of different issues of importance such as ecology, health and population, industry and development, politics and democracy etc. and plans and carries out such programs for other agencies.

CCN has plans to branch out to the audiovisual medium. Video news tracks are in the plan while it has already undertaken jobs for preparing video feature/news packages for the television.

    CCN generates in-depth news and development features for syndication and exchange. It attempts to dig out news behind the news, carry out investigative reporting on political, social and economic issues. The politics of the nation is a major area of interest.

    CCN features try to present Bangladesh in its true perspective. CCN features consciously seek to uphold the cause of democracy, human rights, women and children. Developmental and environmental issues constitute a major part of these features and analyses. It also plans to run a campaign for preservation of wildlife and socially oppressed ethnic groups.

    All these services are available to both local and international news organizations and also to other feature syndicates. CCN has assembled a team of selected journalists from all over the country and also outside of the country.

  • In addition to the regular feature services, CCN runs photo service on subjects that appeal visually.
  • CCN has eminent researchers who have pioneered social research in the country. And, naturally, it is an important area of operation for the CCN. The broad areas in which CCN undertakes research studies include Communication Research, Social Research, Opinion Research and Operations Research.
  • In social and development domain, the areas are Politics, Economics, Culture, Media, Health, Family Welfare, Demography, Education, Rural Development, Gender, Child Development, Racism, Energy, Environment, Labor and Welfare issues etc.
  • With a large number of dailies crowding the news stalls now a days, it has become a tedious job for the press wing of any organization including foreign missions in Dhaka to keep track of everyday developments.
  • CCN offers the foreign missions and other organizations a clipping service every morning to let them know what is going on in the country irrespective of what the government-controlled media say. The clipping will cover political, economic, development, environment and cultural news as well as editorial comment by the major newspapers.
  • CCN has skilled staff members capable of scanning and obtaining press clippings to satisfy the needs of any organization. CCN already has earned praise from the various foreign missions in Bangladesh by providing them with standard press clipping services.
  • CCN has an independent job department responsible for translation, re-translation, editing and interpreter services covering Bangla, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Arabic languages for important national and internal organization. CCN has a pool of internal and external resource persons with a background in journalism, specially in editing, who can translate news-stories, articles, features and any other write-ups professionally and produce brief summary within any deadline.
  • Development Communication, Computer Solution, Design, Decoration, TV & Radio Production, Library and Information Bank, Writing Services, Transcript Services, Advertisement, Entertainment, Sports, Event management, Exchange program and other such services.

Our Fasilities

Some Text About Our Client

    Center for Communication Network (CCN) is located at one of the prime location of the Dhaka city at 5, Siddeshwari Lane with the floor space of about 2500 Sq. feet and furnished with a hall room, office equipment and other modern facilities.

Professional secretaries run the secretarial pool of CCN and computer operators experienced in word processing and data processing works. The secretarial pool has a reproduction cell equipped with following facilities:

  • Scanner
  • Plain paper copier
  • Electronic typewriter
  • Manual typewriter
  • Duplicating machine
  • Fax machine etc.

CCN’s professionals have worked in various parts of the world. Their broad-based exposure, ability to perform and conventional wisdom synergistically congealed into a very effective expert-base for the entity which is topped up by a high team spirit wherever they represent CCN. This makes possible for the team of experts to make a collective and well-orchestrated effort in coming up with appropriate plans, designs and implementation modalities for programs.

CCN is well equipped and possesses the right stratagem to evolve the appropriate idea for any challenging problem that might adversely affect a program. CCN has a rich library, which has more than 1000 books, journals, directories, reports, project papers, training materials, periodicals, video library, paper clippings, daily newspapers etc. published both locally as well as internationally. The library is of great assistance to the key personnel to improve their knowledge over the expanse of socio-economic-media frontiers and facets of the country.

Equipment Nos.
Computer setup (Mac & Windows) 6
Professional Video Camera 1
Professional Video editing Panel 2
Internet Connection with broad bandwidth 3
Client workstation 2
Scanners 2
CD Copier & Duplicator 2
Direct ISP Lease line 1
Laser Printer 3
  • Professional technician’s run the visual cameras, light, sound and other necessary equipment’s of CCN and graphics design, computer animation, camera operators works with this pool sincerely. This pool has a reproduction cell equipped with following facilities:
Equipment Nos./Set
Video Camera 2
Digital Still Camera with lens and accessories 3
Light and sound system 2
  • CCN is always aware of project needs and it has its own sufficient transport to meet any requirement. Office cars and field vehicles are maintained into good running condition.