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About Our Company A Quality Experience Team

Who We Are

"CCN takes pride in employing and maintaining a skilled set of professionals. It’s rapid rise and enviable reputation principally stem from the presence of quality professionals in its fold.

Its Board of Directors guides CCN’s day-to-day management, while a competent and qualified Executive Director spearheads and monitors the overall management of its program. The directors, managers, and other midlevel and field personnel carry out all other pertinent activities."

What We Do

"CCN is an independent news agency and a multi-disciplinary research organization.

The key objectives are to gather and disseminate information about pressing socio-political and economic issues today. CCN aims at introducing a new trend in journalism. CCN will probe into, analyze and interpret events that have taken place or can take place. It will shun partisan reporting or sensationalism. Accuracy and objectivity are the main goals."


"Going beyond the conventional concerns of journalism, research and analysis, CCN’s mission is to advise, advocate, plan and promote people’s participation, involvement and interface among various sections of the society and sensitize the public on issues of national concern. CCN’s activities are in tune with the national objectives of emancipation, empowerment, welfare and sustainability of people."


"CCN firmly believes that development in any sphere is possible only through timely stock taking and necessary policy interventions. For any research to be useful and having impact in this process, it must be designed and carried out in a result-oriented manner and must help the process of decision making. Thus, CCN has a bias for purposeful and action research."